• Dacron Pillow Washing Tips, Practical and Easy

    Dacron is a bolster pillow material that is now replacing cotton. The reason is, this synthetic material does not easily absorb dust and is soft and comfortable. What Is a Dacron Pillow? Before discussing it further, let's first know what a dacron pillow is

  • What is Dacron and its uses

    Maybe we've heard of dacron, but do you know what dacron is and what it's used for? Dacron is a polymer composed of glycol with which terephthalic acid is formed via condensation polymerization. The characteristic of Dacron is that the fabric is like cotton, easy to swell, high fiber power, not easy to wrinkle

  • 6 Advantages of Dacron Pillows

    Compiled from various sources, here are the benefits of dacron pillows from a health standpoint to comfort in life! 1. Avoid Pain from Wrong Pillow You need to know, dacron is very good to use for those of you who often have neck pain due to wrong pillows.