Gusfil advantages




Hollow conjugated siliconized fiber is premium quality recycled fiber as a filling material (pillows, cushions, toys, beds, sofas, mattresses, and so on). With finer fibers, Gusfil products are lighter when used, and with the domination of hollow fiber, Gusfil products are lighter when used, and with a combination of tight dacron fiber bonds, keeping the temperature more maintained.

Vaccum & Recovery

With the dominance of hollow fiber material, Gusfil products can be vacuumed or pressed to the maximum with recovery after being vaccum/pressed up to 90% able to return to their original shape and not make the fiber die. It is proven that Gusfil is better than other brands.


Products made with Gusfil dacron filling, in addition to being protected with anti-fungal and fungus, can also be washed and easily dried, so that Gusfil products can be kept clean and more hygienic.

Hollow Ratio

The hollow texture when split allows air to enter and makes the Gusfil dacron has bulkiness, elasticity and softness that is very comfortable and light, equivalent to goose feathers.

Gusfil test results

Hollow Ratio

GUSFIL has a Fill Power Value unit of 700 FP which is equivalent to goose down with a low denier fiber composition. The same as goose down, it is very light, easy to care for, anti-fungus and warm to wear.

Gusfil Test Results

Comparison between 2 single size blankets made from Gusfil (9 Tog) and Goose down (4.5 Tog)

Ket :
Using 1 blanket filled with Gusfil (9TOG) it can cover/can be used in all seasons, when compared to using real goose down (4.5TOG), you have to use 2 times as much so it can be as warm as using Gusfil