About Gusfil

Gusfil is Dacron premium by Hilon which goes through a very sophisticated standard process with European technology. The spiral texture in the Gusfil Fiber makes bulky better than other products. We created Gusfil because it is suitable for application in all seasons, especially tropical climates. Gusfil is very light, equivalent to goose feathers and denser so that it keeps the temperature warmer. This spiral texture is usually also called the omega texture which has specifications and is formed naturally.

Why use Gusfil?

GUSFIL has a Fill Power Value unit of 700 FP equivalent to goose down with a low denier fiber composition, the same as goose down. Gusfil makes the application on pillows or blankets softer and smoother. Here's the explanation

Gusfil advantages


Gusfil is a filling that can be applied to pillows, bolsters, blankets, dolls and so on. By using Gusfil filling, pillows or blankets become smoother, softer and more comfortable to wear and maintain warmth at body temperature.

Gusfil application

European technology

Demi menjaga kualitas baik kami memproduksi Gusfil dengan mesin-mesin canggih bertekhnologi Eropa dan bersertifikasi Internasioal ISO dan SNI. Karena Kualitas terbaik merupakan komitmen utama kami.


The advantages of products made from Gusfil dacron are that they can be washed, easily dried and anti-fungal and bacteria.

Vacum & Recovery

The hollow fiber material in Gusfil products can be vacuumed optimally with nearly 90% recovery after vacuum.